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Leading experts in business consulting & crisis management

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Zen-Corp Federation is a leading expert with 25 plus years experience in contract administration, project logistics, strategic planning/procurement, and crisis management. We engineer strategies that serve as a catalyst for innovative solutions which benefit micro, mid to large size businesses and government agencies. We steer projects for you or render the  professional development training needed for your staff to self-execute with full autonomy. Need more insight about our approach? Let's meet to discuss.

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Our strategy consists of 3 modules: Independent, Intra-Collaborative, and Inter-Collaborative. Efficiency by way of programmatic operations and leadership is our methodology. We believe the development of effective systemic processes along with innovation can provide a basis for improved competency and cohesive structure that leads to success.

Data Driven

Outcomes serve as a viable reference that achievements are being attained. We create tangible data that measures performance and productivity. By using a various data differentiating methods, we identify benchmarks to help culminate business operations.


There is no such thing as impossible when our team is called for duty. Our niche is crisis management for businesses that confront financial, operational, and/or systemic hardship. We believe strategic intervention and critical analysis are the ideal triage to restore balance within the operational framework. We help businesses create alternative systems that stabilize daily operations if impacted by unforeseen or inevitable crisis.


Globalization leads the charge in today's business industry. Our team is abreast with new SaaS and other forms of emerging technology including A.I. alternatives. Our ability to explore such advances help businesses remain ahead of the curve with like industries in other jurisdictions and countries.

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