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About the Team

Zen-Corp Federation is comprised of an expert team of professionals highly sought after given the effective outcomes with major corporations and government entities. Our team is here to serve.

The Zen Team

LaShella Miller - PA, CPM, MPA, MS​                    Rachel Eidelberg - PMP, MBA                    Dale Matricinni - MS, MBA

                                    Principal Counsultant                                           Project Manager                                   Associate Consultant              

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Core Values

  • Build trust

  • Protect the vision and mission

  • Foster equitable solutions

  • Establish integrity

  • Welcome diversity & inclusion

  • Standardize acts of cooperation

  • Epitomize ethical practices

  • Reinforce palatable measures of productivity

Core Competencies

  • Contract Administration (includes Compliance)

  • Procurement (includes Law & Compliance)

  • Project Management

  • Paralegal Services

  • Data Analytics

  • Investigations & Research Auditing

  • Business Development

  • HR/Human Capital 

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Primary Number: 347-903-7116


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